Behind the Lens


KC | the Kids Photographer

  • A mom of 3 turned MAMARAZZI!
  • A proud owner of  an old Polaroid instant camera (my very first camera and I’m keeping it!)
  • A strong believer of  “a picture worth thousand words” but ‎”Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”
  • Always ready at your service to capture your little or BIG shots in action.


25 thoughts on “Behind the Lens

  1. Dear KC,

    Really heart ur pics,,
    Plan to have birthday bash for my son 4th yrs age.
    Target to be held on 09/08/2009.
    Is u still available?


  2. hi rumaizah!

    its been a while 🙂
    luv your photo shots . they were excellent!
    great job!

    hugs and kisses to your lovely girls,

    take care

  3. salam Iza, need your help, nk minta quot kalau tlg buat kan storyboard album tu.. (pic.. dah ade..:p)

  4. hai kc,
    luv ur photo shots ..really wonderful
    can i ask for quotation for baby photo + baby just 3 months old..

  5. hai KC…cantik sgt…dah lama ke jd photogrpaher nih

  6. salam KC,

    Email me your packages ek..
    Plan nnt nak buat my son’s bday next year..

  7. Hi KC,

    Interested nak capture my son’ s birthday event.
    Bule email package u tak?

  8. Hi KC,

    kindly please email me ur package price utk maternity punya photoshoot..album plak rupe camne ek..

    please email me at tq

  9. hi kc,

    ezan nak paln nak buat birthday sarah 10 april 10. email me the quo ek.. tq…

  10. Hi KC,

    just wondering would you be able to email me your package for birthday parties..planning to do my son 1st birthday on 24 july 2010..

    pls email me at

    thank you

  11. Hi,

    Love your shots….
    xde uat kelas ker?

    • Hi Syida,

      Thanks for your comment, buat masa ni belum buat kelas lagi….insya-Allah in the near future. I’ll keep you updated ya! :):)

  12. Hi! I love your shots too! I’m looking for a photographer to photograph my baby girl. Can you pls quote for me your prices for a studio/outdoor/birthday shoot? Thanks!

  13. dear KC,

    could u give me a quote for a family portrait shooting, outdoor setting? maybe a park or a hotel/resort background. 3-4 hours on 23/10 or 24/10 (sat or sun).

    realllly appreciate if you could revert to me soon.

    thanks 🙂

    btw, muna referred me to u.

  14. salam kc,

    nak tanya quotation utk white room studio tu. plan nak amek gmbar anak sempena 1 year. tolong bg quotation ek. tq!

  15. Hye..very admirer ur talent.
    Can u please email me payment for outdoor shooting for anniversary:)

  16. Salam. Majlis Kesyukuran 1st Birthday 26/05/12. Kalau free plz contact me. 013-3652399

  17. I would like to get my kids soon, before the boy needs to get his haircut! 🙂 Please propose a package for photoshoot for 3 children aged 5, 4, and 2, with the option of studio or outdoor. Please also let me know your availability on upcoming weekends and public holidays. Merci!

  18. Hi,

    Can i get a quotation for an aqiqah ceremony shoot? Event will be in february. My email: Thank you! 🙂

  19. Hai KC..can i get ur quotation for an akikah ceremony in February. Thanks!

  20. Hi KC. I’ve seen all of babies pics that u took. They r beautiful. I would love to hv my baby boy studio photoshoot preferably before he reaches 2 months old (by end of March-mid of April 2013). Can u gv me ur confirmation & quotation? Pls reply. Thanks!

    • Hi Anilda,

      Thanks for your wonderful comments, they made my day. Anyway I won’t be able to do photo shoot soon as I’m still in confinement leave until May 2013. Will keep u updated once I’m back on duty ya! 🙂

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