MARCH 2014
22/3 – Rafiecca (Birthday)

APRIL 2014
5/4 – Birthday
13/4 – Shada (Birthday)

JUNE 2014
14/6 – Puteri (Birthday)


59 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Hi Iza…im faiza. nyta’s friend. recently she’s doing a studio photgraphy wth u.
    Im interested wth the RM99 raya promo..nxt weeknd u free tak?promo ni sampai bila?kalau buat after raya i still bole dpt rate ni tak?
    yg available this weekend je..then balik kampung.

    TQVM 🙂

  2. Hello,

    Is it possible for me to know the price for the following service:

    Description : Event Shoot (Birthday)
    Duration : 2 hours.
    All edited pictures in a CD

    Event: Birthday party my daughter (2 years old)
    Date: Dec 6, 2009
    Venue: Ampang, Selangor
    Time: 4-6 pm

    Thanks, Aida

  3. hi iza,

    19 jan ni u free x? plan nak buat family potrait.


  4. Salam KC,
    Still remember me? datang penang tak somewhere in june for photoshoot? We gonna have 1st birthday party for my 2nd baby girl…dulu kakaknya…ni turn adiknya pulak…let me know kay….;)
    Thanks ya!

    • Nina dearie!

      Of coz i remember you…waaa dah ada 2nd one, tak tau pun….insya-Allah nnt cuti ada mmg nak turun Penang just tak sure bila lagi dgn my condition ni…but i’ll keep u updated ya! 🙂

  5. Birthday party 2hours. May I know your price? Thanks.

  6. hi…
    boleh u emel pakej2/quotation yg u buat?

  7. hi..i would like to have ur quotation/package for my son’s birthday party. it will be held on april 23, 2011 at my home in ampang for about 2 hours. Thank you.

  8. As salam Aiza…remember me 🙂 kawan enis…..di pizza hut tahun berapa pun tak ingat….

    Can I book on 27 May 2011, at 4 pm to 6 pm 🙂 . I akan conduct KFC birthday party at Taska Proton, Seksyen 23, Shah Alam. Can you please provide me the quotation? There will be chicky apprearance 🙂 at the end of the party :). Still waiting from KFC to come out the event.

  9. hai..
    plan nk buat besday party for my little one on sep 18 2011.
    could you email me the quatation?


  10. hi ,
    plan nak buat aqiqah for my baby zara on 26th nov 2011-saturday , in puchong Can you please provide me the quotation, thanks

  11. boleh u email quatation / pakej2 yang u buat?

  12. i nak tanya tentang pakej graduation day tadika for half day, mpkj kajang 19/11.
    available ke tak? price macam mana ye?

  13. hi boleh bagi quo utk Kids/Family Portraiture tak??

  14. Hi,

    are u available on 26dec 2011 for a birthday party photography session.
    at 1u, starship galactica.
    may i have your contact no?
    i’m khairin 0137514384

  15. I also already sms your hp.
    waiting for your confirmation. hehehe
    harap2 bolehlah

  16. Hi KC, can you please email me your quotation for birthday party on 17 February. Thank you.

  17. Hi KC,
    Loves your photos!
    Can you quote me baby with parents studio/outdoor portraits on 19 feb?

  18. Hi there, can u pls let me know how much u charge for a kids birthday photography session? Within klang valley

  19. hi,
    i plan to have a birthday a birthday party for my daughter on 29/4/2012 – so, can i hv ur quotation for 3 hours event ? really thank you.

  20. Salam. Hi! Pls quote me price for majlis aqiqah (1 July 2012 10am-2pm) & family photoshoot (different session) with photo edited in CD & storybook.

    Thnx, Anissa.

  21. Hi dear, still waiting for your reply.. Hope to get the answer soon. 🙂

  22. hi dear are you free on friday morning for birthday party photography? pls email me.Tq

  23. Friday 25th May 2012

  24. KC..boleh x bg I pakej lengkap photo session + softcopy + printed photo?really likes ur artwork 🙂

  25. kc… free x next coming sunday, 15th July around 3pm? ingat nk wat simple birthday party kat alamanda. pls quote me asap ekk… tq

  26. Hi,
    How much the maternity & newborn photography session?
    any package offering?

  27. need to know your studio

  28. Hi, I’m looking for photographer for my kids 6th birthday party. Duration 2 hours. Can I know your charges and what does the package includes? Tq

  29. hi,
    i’d like to enquire on your availability to take pics (shoot and burn only) as event detailed below:

    Purpose: Majlis kesyukuran baby daughter
    Date: 8 June 2013
    Time: 11am – 2pm
    Venue: Denai Alam, Shah alam

    hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  30. Do u free on 25/08 in the afternoon? How much the photo shoot price for naming ceremony function ? Do you have any package ? Pls reply asap. Tq.

  31. Hi can I know the charges for newborn photography and the packages. Thank you

  32. Hi,
    Really love your photo
    Boleh bg quotation untuk family photo session…teringin nak buat…tlg email ye.really appreciate your feedback

  33. provide quotation for birthday party event on 16/11/2013 time 5pm location rawang email as soon tq

  34. Hi,
    May I know is there any packages you offer for baby / kids / family or maternity + family?
    Could you please email me the package and price for these 4 combination asap?


  35. Hi,

    Boleh bg quotation pakej untuk maternity + newborn photoshoot? Is this include photobook? if photobook include, i nk buat satu photobook 2 in 1 (maternity+newborn). Kindly email to

    Thank you.

  36. Salam,
    I nk quotation for aqiqah with n without album. For this 22.dis.2013. Asap ya. Tq 🙂

  37. Hi need you to cover my son’s 1st birthday party on 8th Feb in get back to me thanks

  38. hai, boleh tak nak tahu price utk famili nyer pakej….

  39. Hi ter,

    We would like to enquire regarding the birthday party photography services.The party is on 6th of July at 7pm in Klang. Will you be available?


    Sent from my iPhone

  40. Hi, would like to know how much do you charge for a 2-3 hrs photography session for a 2 year old birthday party at one of the restaurants in kl area?? Kindly revert. Tia.

  41. Hi can i kno how much u charge for 6month baby photo shoot ??

  42. Hello
    I would like to know price for birthday event. About 2 hours. Event in cyberjaya. Thank you

  43. Hey,
    I would like to enquire regarding your 21st Birthday Party packages? 🙂
    Approximately around 400+ people 🙂

  44. I’m looking for an event shoot (birthday party)

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