1. the anniversary of a birth.
2. the day of a person’s birth.
3. a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something.
4. the festivities or celebration marking such a day or anniversary.
Make a wish!

Blow the candles!

It's your day!

It's your day!

Make a wish!

Make a wish!

Tak lengkap rasanya menyambut ulang tahun tanpa kek dan juga nyanyian lagu dari keluarga tersayang kan, tidak kiralah sama ada yang pertama ataupun yang ke 20! Dan sememangnya sudah menjadi kemestian buat para ibu bapa sekarang mengadakan majlis untuk meraikan ulang tahun anak-anak tersayang, dan yang paling penting ia akan menjadi memori buat selama-lamanya. And I’m proud to say, it had bring me such great joy and pleasure to be a part of that day! And here are the list of birthdays that I’ve attended to…

  1. Aldanish Aniq
  2. Sara Aaesha
  3. Aziq & Aniq
  4. Ameeyrah Sofea
  5. Adriel Danial
  6. Aiman Zafri
  7. Arissa Naureen
  8. Danial Fitri
  9. Ayman Jadd
  10. Nur Jannah
  11. Ariz Faruq
  12. Alysha Sofeya
  13. Adam
  14. Arissa Farhana
  15. Najeeb
  16. Farhan & Emily
  17. Ameer Isyraf
  18. Maya Alysha
  19. Afiq Amani
  20. Adam Faizal
  21. Danish Baslan
  22. Jauhar Rhea & Jauhar Elya
  23. Sara Aaesha
  24. Fenriz
  25. Sara Aiesha
  26. Balqis
  27. Lana, Sarah & Airell
  28. Ellyssa
  29. Keira Fatiha
  30. Irdina Sofea
  31. Hamzah & Haydar
  32. Alya Adriana
  33. Nur Irlin Alia
  34. Adam Haiqal
  35. Danish & Dhia
  36. Zafreen Dania
  37. Ayman Jadd
  38. Nina
  39. Nur Syafiqah Tan
  40. Yaya & Lana
  41. Daniel Hadif
  42. Iman Umairah
  43. Auni Dania
  44. Marsha
  45. Danisha
  46. Nur Aqeera Ayuni
  47. Damia
  48. Tengku Anas
  49. Danish Baslan
  50. Natalia
  51. Iman Hezrin
  52. Jauhar Rhea & Jauhar Elya
  53. Nur Arya Qistina

Ya, the list is not in alphabetical order as it is arranged by date picture taken from year 2007 – 2009 and the list is still growing and i thank you all my wonderful repeat clients, your supports are highly appreciated! ( Do forgive me, kalau ada yang tak termasuk dalam list) Semoga anak-anak kecil ini akan menjadi insan yang beriman dan berguna kelak and most importantly, stay little and cute ok! 😉

As for more information on this year’s birthday package which starts from RM 399, do buzz me ya! 🙂

* All the links are not available currently, as we are having some issues with the company which has been our service provider for the past year. Please bear with us while we resolve the matter. Thanks so much!

17 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY

  1. hye there! pls email me the quotation for birthday party pls…plan to make it on 26th July 09.
    thnks!! keep up good work!

  2. please email me your quotation for birthday party! thanks! 🙂

  3. Hi kc. still remember me? i’m going to have my 2nd princess 2st birthday party this coming june. ada plan nak tutun penang x? on 13th.

  4. Hi, i plan nak buat my princess 2yrs bday party on 18dec2010. boleh tolong email kan quotation?

  5. hi,

    just wannna ask how much is the price for bday party shoot n what’s include in the package


  6. Hi… I would like a quote and package for a birthday party in July ( date tba – 2/3 weekend in July)


  7. Hi, may i know what is the price like for kids party? Thanks.

  8. Hey,can u email me the quotation for 2hours coverage birthday party?thanku

  9. hi.. can u email the quotation for 2hours kids birthday party? tq

  10. Sir cn u email me baby package quotation n 1st yr bday quotation pls

  11. hi, i would like to knw a quote and package for a birthday party in Feb 2014. tq.

  12. Hi I need you to coret my son’s 1 st birthday party on the 8th Feb in me email

  13. Hi, are you free on Sunday 30th march 2014 10am-12pm to photograph my son’s 6th b’day party? plz email me a quotation too.

  14. Hi can u pls quote me.for birthday party on 29th nov 2014. Tq

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