LittleBigShots Photography


Images by KC, offers you lifestyle photography and individual & family portrait photography designed around you and your family.

I do:

Kids/Family Portraiture



Packages starts from RM 299, do buzz me for more information.

Documenting life has never been so much FUN, rest assured I’ll make every single frame treasurable.

And now every little ones can be the big shots too!

Aiza Azril aka KC


17 thoughts on “LittleBigShots Photography

  1. salam…

    sy nak ambil pic family portraiture kt dlm studio…pls send the price @ package at my email…tq

  2. salam..i like ur pic..please quoto me package n price for outdoor family portraiture..

  3. tak lepas nak send package..takpe nnt saya cuba lagi k..:)

  4. much is per session of a birthday party ? 3 hours…tq

  5. hye there,
    how much do u chagre for a birthday party session?can u email me the pakage quo?

  6. Pls send me detail for birhdays,i need to know wat pck u have

  7. Emelkn harga n package yg ade tuk family potret. Tq

  8. Emelkn pakej tuk family potret.

  9. package utk majlis cukur jambul brp??

  10. Plz give d pricing for newborn package.. tq..

  11. Boleh emailkan saya package untuk newborn baby?

  12. How much u change for birthday party photos.

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