Qaisara’s Safari Jungle Birthday Bash | Birthday Party Photographer

date: 11 December 2010
place: Gymboree Bangsar Village

It was my first time at Gymboree and I love it! So did the kids and the birthday girl that day.
They had so much fun climbing, jumping and playing around with the clown. I could hardly catch up with them!
It’s such a nurturing environment suitable for all ages, and I’m already thinking of bringing my little one for a class soon after she can walk. 🙂

My dear Qaisara, I can believe you are THREE already.
And yes, you were the one I could hardly catch up with that day; yet you were still that shy little girl I used to know.
Happy Birthday sweetie, I know you had a great one that day. It showed in every frames. So do enjoy the rest of the pictures ya! | by kc