MerdekaRaya Studio Promo

It’s that time of the year again!
Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all our blog readers, may this Ramadhan bring you peace and prosperity, good health and wealth, and brighten your life as always.
After a year absence from Raya Studio Portraiture (i was on maternity leave last year), we are glad to say that we are back with our MERDEKA|RAYA Studio Promo this year.
And it’s only at RM 80, yeay!

Slots are quite limited, so do email us for more details ya.

Available slots:
Saturday, 13th August
10.00 am – Tini
11.00 am – Dott
3.00 pm – Shima
4.00 pm – Nazatul Radhiah Nasir

Sunday, 14th August
10.00 am – Shada
11.00 am – Yeen
3.00 pm – Roziyati
4.00 pm – Ziela

Saturday, 20th August
10.00 am – Sabrina
11.00 am – Afai
12.00 pm – Riny
3.00 pm – Faizah
4.00 pm – Atie

Sunday, 21st August
10.00 am – Riniy
11.00 am – Shema
12.00 pm – Rozela
3.00 pm – Maz
4.00 pm – Shikin

Contact LBS now for booking:-
sms/call 013.3999.432


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