Daddy & Me Photo Contest

daddy & me photo contest

The greatest gift I ever had

Came from God; I call him Dad!

In celebration of Father’s Day, LittleBigShots is offering a chance to win photography packages for all daddies out there. All you have to do is submit a picture that says, well, more than words…and win our heart!

Contest runs from May 19 till June 3, 2011.


1st prize : 1 Outdoor Photo Session worth RM 445

2nd & 3rd Place : 1 Studio Photo Session worth RM 245

4th & 5th Place: 1 Gift Voucher worth RM 50 for each family


1. Submit the best picture of you (father/hubby) and your child via e-mail to Please include the name of father and child, age of father and child, mobile number and e-mail.
2. Father/mother of the child has to be a part of our FB family by pressing LIKE at our LittleBigShots Fan Page.
3. Winners will be chosen by the professional juries and will be based on the best picture that displays the true bonding between a father and child.
4. Winners will be announced on LittleBigShots’ Fan Page on June 6, 2011.


1. This contest is open to everyone residing in Malaysia.
2. LittleBigShots reserves the rights to use the photo for future advertising purposes.
3. All decisions made are final once announced and further complaints shall not be entertained.
4. Date and location of photography session for the winners will be determined by LittleBigShots.
5. By entering this contest, it is understood that the terms and conditions here are read and agreed upon.

So grab your camera and start “snapping”! 🙂

LittleBigShots Photography


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