Happy 6th Birthday Sara Aaesha!

happy birthday sara!

make a wish!

Sara Aaesha’s Garden Tea 6th Birthday Party
12.2.2011 | Laman Kasih

Though I wasn’t the official mamarazzi of the day, but I just had to share this one. I don’t have to say much, do I? The pictures spoke for themselves I believe. What can I say, it was a gorgeous party and we had so much FUN that day, thanks Azza for having us.

And to my dear Sara Aaesha, Happy 6th birthday. Oh my! how you’ve grown my little lady. I could still remember when we first met 5 years ago when you were still a baby. So do take care and we wish all your dreams will come true and stay sweet little angel! (Takmo gaduh-gaduh dengan mummy lagi hokeh!)

pix by yours truly,



2 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday Sara Aaesha!

  1. Hi There,

    I am interested to organize a birthday party like this, could you help to give the details .. 🙂

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