The Winners

And here are the winners to Show Me Your Calendars Contest…yupp there are two winners! So winners, do contact me for the prize redemption ya.


9 thoughts on “The Winners

  1. wahhhh new blog design….:)

  2. OK…but i think..prefer yg dulu..:)

  3. hikhik ok..nnt dah buring yg ni leh tukar balik..:)

  4. dear, the pressie tu..leh x claim after chinese new year holiday..? thot nak amik with the hamsters sekali.. OK x?
    how about on 13th Feb evening ke? ke pressie dah expired? hihihihi

  5. Buleh sangat, tp nnt kc bgtau ya…rasa-rasa 13th tu shud be ok!

  6. Kalau photoshoot tu buat 15/2 ok x? 🙂

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