The Many Faces of Zakwan

Another customized album from LBS, and this one is dedicated to the little Zakwan; documenting his journey from his very 1st day up till 2nd birthday. It’s just too cute, don’t you think? I’m so inspired during the making of this album, and as a result I’ve already started on my own 365 days of Mia.

My dear Dina, thank you for letting me be a part of Zakwan’s masterpiece and for being my inspiration to actually start my project. I do hope you’ll love the album as much as I do ya…;).


5 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Zakwan

  1. yg ni kite bagi pics, kc print ke? ke mmg kc cover this boy from day 1…?

  2. yg ni mama dia kumpul semua gmbr pastu br bg kc… dia dh siap susun2 ikut months…:)

  3. ooo ok, yg ni printed on cardboard kan? nanti bagi pricey ek..mcm menarik print on cardboard..

  4. I love this KC!! after a year, br nak comment!

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