Show me your Calendars!

Yupp, you heard me right. It’s another giveaway from LittleBIGShots. This is totally impromptu as I’m totally bored right now. Hehehe!

To be eligible for this giveaway, you have to download our 2011 calendar from the previous entry and link back to our blog by making an entry on your calendar masterpiece and leave your comments here together with the link to your blog entry/fb note. I’d love to see how you guys personalized those cute calendars! The cutest one will WIN a FREE studio session with me, KC. Contest ends on 14th January, and the winner will be selected for a mini session scheduled on the following Sunday. So hurry up, show me the money…eh no, show me your CALENDARS! 😉

SAMPLE: | by kc


7 thoughts on “Show me your Calendars!

  1. huhuhu…mau masuk gak..

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  3. Nanti jap..tgh buat..heheh

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