Aiza Amia : Project 365

Having a newborn brings out the best (sometimes it can be crappy too) in you. And yes, I absolutely love waking up to the smell of a baby. Knowing she’s mine bring new meaning to my life. And I’m determined to make full use of this one whole year photo project with my baby Mia, as I didn’t have the chance to do it with my Alia and Amelyn. This time I’ll make sure I’ll be there when she learns to smile, crawl and walk…..Mia, this is a project for both of us, so hang in there with mummy ya….:)

And it starts from….

It can be the moment she wakes up…

after her morning bath..

or even when she’s not up to it…

You can do it too with your kids, I promise you that a picture a day will brighten your whole day!
Oh ya, I may not publish some of Mia’s photos here but at least I know I have her first 365 days covered. 😉


One thought on “Aiza Amia : Project 365

  1. i hv so many pics of my latest product -Aisyah. I think kakcik inspired me to do the same…ehehehe..simpan dlm lptop jer or the best ones tu dlm hphone…everytime i miss her…tgk hphone jer. Anytime…anywhere…

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