Introducing Aiza Amia

It has been quite a while since my last update, and yes I’m glad to say that I’m officially off the “pantang” period!
And it’s time to kick-start the business again.

By the way, our latest bundle of joy is already 48 days, and she brings so much joy and happiness to our world.
She currently is the little one in the family so she’s totally pampered; just like her name Amia which means beloved.
I’m just blessed to be waking up every morning to her beautiful face.


10 thoughts on “Introducing Aiza Amia

  1. cutenye amia kc… dlm pantang pun dressing lawa2 eh.. 🙂 sukeee

  2. Tahniah kc! 3A’ father?

  3. Beautiful baby Mia! Sukala all these pictures KC!!! She’s so, so comel and so alert, very smart baby!

  4. Salam,. Kak KC, tahniah atas kelahiran baby Amia,.. =) Saya salah sorang peminat senyap akak,. hehe.. Amia comel… Muka macam ada gaya2 Alia sikit,.. (^_^) Pepun, hope mummy n baby sihat selalu.. 😉

  5. Support your good photo!! 🙂

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