Darling Daughters

It’s been ages since I last photographed both of them. My oh my, my darling daughters are all grown up already. How fast time flies right!

Photographing kids at these age sometimes can be quite challenging, more so when they are your own kids. They speak their own minds. They speak in their own languages. But when they’re totally into it, here are what you will get.

Tips of the day: At these age, it’s all about the accessories; colorful tops and funky sandals. Fashion clash or whatever you want to call it, that’s what made the pictures pop! Just make sure you are the photographer and not the fashion director or else they will just lose it in seconds.

And that’s what I’ve learnt in a hard way. But we did have fun and laughs during this session, they were both naturals in front of camera (though there were so many distractions during the whole process) and I do hope there will be more with these two little fashionistas/divas before my little one’s arrival pretty soon. 😉


One thought on “Darling Daughters

  1. makin besaq makin cantik jelitasssss!!makin pandai begaya!!!

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