It’s Contest Time!

Yupp, it’s time to rummage through your albums again! 😉

Check out the latest Disney Magazine (BM edition) issue #33 for their latest contest, in which we happened to be (ahem…ahem…) the main sponsor!

You surely don’t want to miss this, as we are giving away a great outdoor Photo + Video session which will be done somewhere around KL/Putrajaya; and it will be conceptualized by you as we want it to be your own moment! And not only that, you will also get the edited highlights of your moment in DVD and also a 8″x7″ storyboard album such as the one below.

This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something great with your kids and get those precious moments eternalized forever. So what are you waiting for, grab your Disney Magazine issue now and send those entries already! :):)

p.s. For the edited video highlights, you can view the samples here:- Hana & Joe’s Family Outing


7 thoughts on “It’s Contest Time!

  1. alamak bestnyaaa….nak gi masuk laa…ehehhehe…

    congrats KC.. :):)

  2. cepat..cepat nunu! ada banyak masa lagik nih….:):)

  3. Cayalah kc!! Ni Gamba Kita ngan anak or gamba kita dengan mak kita kc? hehe nak masuk gak leh?

  4. Ala… bestnya kc.. esp the video is so the tempting.. sudah lama teringin.. tapi apa daya.. anakku lelaki. ehhehe..

  5. ala zubye…prince charming pun bole kot masuk contest nih! 😉

  6. alamak besnyaaaaaa

  7. best nihhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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