Ziqryl Hakeem is 3!

Start your engine…it’s Ziqryl’s 3rd Birthday Bash…and we’ve got lots of fun stuffs to do!

When you have kids at their own environment, you knew for sure it’s gonna be a blast! I personally think, Kizsports & Gym is one of those places perfectly designed with kids and young at heart in mind. They just love it! You knew it when your kids could spent hours there, it’s like their little hide away from mom and dad. And to have birthday party there simply made it just perfect!

Ziqryl Hakeem, Happy Birthday once again from aunty KC…..it’s been such a joy watching you enjoying your big day….and who knew, you’re such a cool dancer too! Totally took me by surprise and I love it! 🙂

And do enjoy rest of the pictures ya…:)


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