The Best Buddies: Muhammad Afiq & Adam Muqrish

Finally, I get a dose of what my life would be with 2 boys! And yes, it’s a pretty picture though they did keep me on toes most of the time. But they were totally cool kids, i can assure you that…hehehe!

Muhammad Afiq certainly knew his way around “girls” and mommies in this case. He is such a big hearted Abang Long who could light up room with his jokes in matter of seconds. Truly is a charmer this one. Meanwhile, Adam Muqrish is the one you will have to look out for, he’s sensitive and yet so easy to fall in love with. Mind you, he could also do yoga too! 😉

The whole sessions that day were filled with their actions, laughter and most importantly they are just the best buddies one could ever ask for.

Enjoy the fun filled pictures, I could still hear their infectious laughter everytime I look at these….;)


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