About to Pop

And i meant it literally….hehehe!
I practically dragged her all the way around the lake that day, almost popping the baby out already.
Thank you my dear sweet Suraya for being such a great sport and you are indeed one glowing mum..!

And last but not least, congrats on your cutest + latest addition.
A healthy baby boy that is, Ilhan Moris.
DOB: 4th January.

And I also know you are going to be one great mom! 🙂

p.s. Couldn’t wait to join the club too….;)


3 thoughts on “About to Pop

  1. chantekkkkk kat mana shoot ni kc? view amat tenang…

  2. KC mcm curi2 amek gambar. hehehe. nice one though..cantek!

  3. CT: kat tmn tasik cyberjaya….mmmmg tenang sgt kat situ..besttt!
    MommyDania: bila nak buat yours pulak? hehehe! 😉

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