Princess Damia’s Garden Fairy Party

It’s lil darling Damia’s birthday! A long awaited entry on such a grand birthday party befitting the little princess Damia Batrisyia who has just turned 6. What can I say, the setting was totally gorgeous….the decoration was simply beautiful….and the cake was breathtakingly amazing……kudos to mama and Yee Send’s team for making this one party such a memorable one!

And then thay had the games….equally enjoyable by all kids, moms and dads! Happy faces were everywhere. Great job, Yee Send + team!
Yeay, the superhot moms team also proved that they are the power to be reckoned with. Jangan main-main tau…they did win the tug of war games….! 😉

Finally, came the most awaited moment on the list and that was making beautiful wishes while blowing all six candles. What a beautiful scene it was, surrounded by all the little fairies and prince charming..comelness to the max! And such a beautiful cake too! Sayang rasanya nak potong kan….and I was also told the cake was soooo yummylicious too, that even my kids had a double….;)

To my dearest Damia & family, thank you for inviting us. It was such a great party that is still being talked to this day….i know you had a great one that day, and aunty wish you all the best for next year you’ll already be in Standard One. I know you’ll make us all proud, especially your family. Insya-Allah.

Happy 6th Birthday, lil Princess!

Don’t forget to check out the video too :- Damia’s 6th Birthday Party Highlights

photo+video by thelittleBIGshots team
yes, we do videos too! email us @ thelittlebigshots@gmail.comfor more info! 🙂


One thought on “Princess Damia’s Garden Fairy Party

  1. Thanks so much much much KC & DD!!! 😉

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