Ayra Alisha’s 2nd Birthday Party


Ayra Alisha’s 2nd Birthday Bash
3.10.09 | Sri Hartamas

What a GREAT party it was! I just had to say that out loud simply because I love every single thing they had for the party. They had balloons with fishes inside, the sea creatures hanging in the net here and there, and they even had the cutest cake with the birthday princess on a fishing trip with her best friend, Elmo. Perfecto!


The party was a total blast, thanks to Mom and her great birthday team who had arranged all the fun games, dancing and best of all, the story telling. Almost everyone enjoyed that part so much, they were literally glued to their seats. And me included, I could still remember the lines from the story….”yummy food for my tummy”….with all the kids rubbing their tummy. Such a cute and memorable scene..!


My dear Alisha, it’s been a great pleasure to be a part of your day and I wish you all the happiness in the world, Happy Birthday once again my dear princess.


5 thoughts on “Ayra Alisha’s 2nd Birthday Party

  1. seme gambar cantik2..lah kc..
    comel lah ayra alisha..hepi besday ye..nama sama cam bb aunty..

  2. what a great n purrfect bday party!!!
    I like ALL……
    Sentuhan tangan KC so gojes….

    I am looking 4 photographer 4 my lil zaraa’s bday bash on Januari 2010……hehe!!

  3. Tq my dear Ina, kc pun suka sangat nama ayra alisha…sweeet sangat2 kan…
    Reen: haaa dun forget to book me ya! hehehe!

  4. mmg kalau ambik kc ni bak kata amy search “mmg berbaloi-baloi” !! the rates r reasonable, she is so friendly n xberkira sgt on the hours. GOOD JOB!

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