Nature’s Lover

nature lover

Ilhan Yusuf.
The Environmentalist.
A firm believer of “Dirt is not Dirty”!
Mama’s sweetheart.

What we had in mind went totally 360 degress thay day, from football to nature’s lover. Boys will be boys and so does Ilhan. He is one of those young explorers who is just so full of spirit and fun to conquer, romp and run. I do believe if we had a tree that he could climb that day, he’d be the one on top of it!


And yet, he is such a sweet gentle little soul. Mama’s boy to be exact. When nothing else matters, mom always come first. And it is so evident that day just how much he adores his mom (and dad included). I just had a blast capturing those sweet tender moments.

Ilhan, how I wish I could have a son just like you. Though I’m not so sure about me coping and keeping up with that high energy of yours but I am sure of one thing, and that is I just couldn’t wait to see you again! 😉


2 thoughts on “Nature’s Lover

  1. awww…that’s my boy!

  2. the title pic is soo cool!! love it! soo nature boy 😛

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