Run Baby Run


Run baby run….

Sarah fondly known as Wawa by her parents. What a shy sweetheart. Yet, I could hardly kept up with her that day. Though we had picnic theme at first but once she saw the bubbles, nothing could stop her from running here and there. Blowing and chasing bubbles like there was no end. It was so infectious, I couldn’t help to join in the fun too….hehehe! It was totally the highlight of the day, thanks to the Mrs Bubble Blower aka Mum. And it was totally worth it, when you caught her smiling at last….ahh such a sweet little one!

chasing bubbles

the Bubble Chaser


2 thoughts on “Run Baby Run

  1. cantik!! wish IY could run main bubbles too but he loves to celup2 his hand inside the botol bubble instead. LOL!

  2. Tak perasan pulak kak chik dah upload the pics here…Thanks for the lovely shots..i still cannot decide which one to blow up into canvas!

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