Beautiful Mama


By the time this entry is published, baby A is already in her 2nd week already. She was a Merdeka baby and yes, it’s a GIRL! I can imagine how happy her parents and two brothers were with her arrival. She’ll definitely be everyone’s sweetheart from now on, and her mom finally have the excuse to buy more pink stuffs! Hehehe! 😉

My dearest beautiful mama, congrats on your new bundle of joy.

Couldn’t wait to see the lil one and selamat berpantang…:)


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Mama

  1. Indeed..very beautiful!!
    Suka semua laaa! sangat klasik!
    Dott, nnt leh amik ps mek kecik ngan kc jugak *wink*wink*

  2. teringin nak jumpa mek kecik tu….;)

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