Naqib is 4

Naqib is 4

date: 09.08.09
place: Taman Pinggiran USJ, Subang Jaya

My dear Naqib, please forgive me for this very late update.

There were balloons everywhere! I could hear kids shrieking right from the front gate, I knew then this party is going to be a great one! Though the birthday boy was sick, he certainly didn’t look like one. I almost couldn’t keep up with his level or energy, just like his hero Ben10 which happened to be the theme of the day, he just kept going on and on… dear Naqib, stay healthy and happy birthday once again from all of us ya….:)


8 thoughts on “Naqib is 4

  1. sukanya šŸ™‚
    happy faces all around, n beautiful capture!
    definitely the ones that make u smile šŸ™‚

  2. alaaaa… kc dah sampai area umah mas.. knp tak habaq???

  3. Hi Mas, berjiran la kita erk??

    Cik KC.. sedang berkira-kira nak buat family potret, tp kene p studio erk?? hehe kalu mintak awak bawak prop dtg rumah boleh.. =P

  4. Mas, ic!!ic!! di rumah cik kc kita bertemu rupanyer.. =) Anyway just call me Siti.

    Kc.. yg family potret tu nanti saya usulkan pada en abg saya erk…

  5. hehehe bertemu jua di sini ya….:)

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