Wedding Crasher




I don’t believe we have that yet in Malaysia, but I’d love to be one.


It’s not just the food but I just love capturing lovebirds at their best on their wedding days! The twinkle in their eyes, the sweetness in their smiles….ahhh so much love in the air and so much hope for the future….and that’s what I really need as a constant reminder that love is such a sweet thing and it’s a must to keep it alive….;)

Do enjoy these few snapshots of recent weddings that I’d attended to….

Seronok kan, ada yang terasa macam nak pakai baju pengantin semula tak?  I wish I had all these back then…but if i had all these back then, nak ke naik pelamin macam ni? Belum tentu rasanya since both of us, my hubby and me are total shy souls! Would have never donned anything like this ever even if it’s for free…..hehehe! 😉

Anyway peeps, this is just a little selingan….not to worry though, I’ll be back with the birthday/kids/aqiqah updates soon ya…:)


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