Sneak Peeks

It’s been quite a while since my last update, I’m a teribble blogger I must say that. Sorry peeps…but here’s goes something rather than nothing ya…

DSC_0946 copy

Danish + Dhia’s Double Bash


Arlia Nur Falisha’s 1st Birthday Bash

It has been a real pleasure to be able to capture happy moments such as these. Though I may not be able to taste the cake or get a goody bag (not that I’m complaining, and in these two occasions I did get the lovely party packs) , but being a part of their big day was perfect enough for me. I’ve gone to like countless parties and I’ve seen all the joy, happiness and sometimes just a little bit of tantrum but nothing could ever change the way I feel for birthdays!  Hehehe…..or is it just because someone’s birthday coming up soon ya….;)

Nahh…age is just number! Accepting changes along the way is the real thing, before you know it you are already having your midlife crisis! Life is short, so do enjoy it to the fullest.

And being able to be at these birthdays kinda bringing back all those wonderful memories of one happy kid at her 5th birthday party…..oh, what a wonderful feeling that was! I just hope my pictures will do about the same for these little angels when they grow up…..:)


One thought on “Sneak Peeks

  1. tq kc sbb jd fotografer of the day..sorry lah ye dgn situasi yg ntah ape2 je masa bday party tu…pasni tobat dh tamoh wat kt situ…next year nk book kc bday party lom tentu nk wat..takde bday party pn takpe asal ade sweet memory captured by kc..ewaahh!!! bleh???

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