Kangar 0KM Part II

Memang tak cukup rasanya kalau balik kampung just for 4 days, yet we tried to make the fullest of it.

Day 1


Went to the playground as usual, kalau nak ikutkan memang masih penat lagi setelah berjalan jauh tapi biasalah kalau Alia + Amelyn dah jumpa sepupu sepapat yang lain semuanya belakang kira. They had a great time that evening walaupun ada yang masih lagi mengigil-gigil masa nak naik jambatan gantung tu…hehehe!😉

Day 2
I had a photoshoot session with my dearest Azfar Hazim somewhere at Gua Sami, which happened to be the same location for Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak movie shoot…mendung sahaja cuaca pada pagi itu tapi sessi tetap diteruskan dengan birthday celebration for our birthday boy, Azfar yang memang cukup adorable that day. I missed you so much already my little one!

Day 3
The kids went for a haircut today, mulanya cousins diaorang sahaja yang due for haircut tapi ended up all five of them yang potong rambut that day. Siap ada yang minta haircut macam Snow White lagi! Hehehehe! The only thing missing was just the big red bow!😉

And later on that evening, we went to Padang Besar for a shopping + makan² trip. Wajib pergi sini setiap kali balik kampung, not much of shopping were done tapi the most important part for me is the makan² and the specialty here is Keow Teow Sup Siam which is hard to find it here in KL. Memang kalau pergi sini, satu mangkuk tu macam tak cukup sahaja. And it’s cheap too! Yummm..Yumm…Anyway, I did buy beautiful dresses for the kids.🙂

Day 4


This is when it all started. Our day began with breakfast @ Hameed Nasi Kandar, in other word nasi ganja. True to the name, memang addicted kalau dah sekali pekena nasi ganja ni. Hehehe! Meanwhile for lunch, we went to two weddings. The first one is at Sg. Baru which happened to be my mother’s adopted daughter’s wedding. Memang suasana yang cukup berlainan dengan wedding kat sini, they had ikan keli bakar as the main dish. Hmmm….memang cukup menyelerakan….


And the second wedding is at my dad’s cousin house in Kuala Perlis. This time they had “Gulai Ikan Masin” which Alia loved so much that she ended up eating two plate full of rice! Hehehe! Nampak gayanya nak kena ambil resipi ni….;)


And for dinner, we had a seafood spread at Kuala Perlis again. This time we had Ikan Terubuk Bakar, Sotong Goreng Tepung + Ketam Goreng. Yummylicious to the crumbs I’d say! Sedap dan harganya amat berpatutan, walaupun that night we had to wait longer than usual since the place was totally crowded. After dinner, the kids persuaded me to join them on a horse ride by the sea. Kesian tengok kuda padi tu macam tak larat je, sampaikan Amelyn pun tak sanggup bila melihatkan dia kena pukul. But it was a good night nevertheless…and I’m craving for those crabs already!

Day 5


The day we went back home to KL. But before that, we just had to go to Kangaq first. Apa lagi untuk posing depan sign Kangaq 0 KM. Nasib baik masa tu traffic belum heavy lagi, kalau tak sure segan juga nak posing tengah-tengah bandar Kangar! Hehehe! Right after that we went to another wedding at Alor Setar before we headed home. This time tak sempat nak ambil gambar pengantin sebab diaorang belum lagi sampai pada masa tu. And then began a long journey back to KL in which we witnessed 3 accidents, endured long queues at Touch n Go + slow moving cars along the highway. We reached KL after 6 hours journey from Alor Setar. Took so much longer than usual, sampaikan lenguh-lenguh segala otot badan dibuatnya!😉

What a great trip it was! Short but memorable…insya-Allah we’ll back again for Raya. Hope we could stay longer that time….hehehe! :):)

p/s More photos can be seen here at my FB Kangar0609 album.

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