Kangar 0 KM


Finally after almost missing the train (Amelyn had a bad bout of stomach ache just about the boarding time) and a 12 hr journey, we made it to Kangar safe and sound! 🙂

Our journey started with a 30 minutes commuter ride from Kajang to Kl Sentral. The kids were totally excited and nothing could dampen their spirit even when they didn’t get seats until Bandar Tasik Selatan exchange. Memang betul seperti apa yang digambarkan dalam iklan LRT few years back di mana ada yang pura-pura tidur semasa my kids boarded the commuter. I wasn’t asking too much, though I was carrying like 3 bags at that time but hey, at least they could show some courtesy by asking the kids whether they want to sit down or not like one Indian uncle did. Tak sampai hati pula nak tengok uncle tu berdiri, so I just let the kids stand until the next station. It’s no biggie. Tapi nak juga lepas rasa tak puas hati! 😉

Anyway, back to the real story. We reached KL Sentral with one more hour to kill. So we had our early dinner at Mc Donalds. And that was it before Amelyn kena attack dengan stomach ache. I had to leave Alia all alone outside the toilet while I had to attend to her sister. Memang panik juga sebab masa tu memang dah almost boarding time. But we did manage to board the train in time. Betul-betul lepas panggilan terakhir untuk Ekpress Langkawi. And as a result we had to go through several coaches until our seats. Penat tapi memang suatu pengalaman yang tak dapat dilupakan for the three of us. 🙂

We bought 4 seats for the trip, and Alia had 2 for herself. Mulanya dah siap nak tidur tapi after a while they were restless sampailah midnight baru both of them safely tucked for the night. It was indeed a long journey, the next morning I could see myself as Shrek in the scene where the Donkey kept asking “Are we there yet?”…when the kids kept asking those Qs sampaikan pening dibuatnya. At 8.00 something, finally we reached Arau. Lega rasanya bila dah nampak familiar faces dah siap stand by at the station.


And then the adventure began….


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