Sharp Dressers!

Mona & family

What a great looking family! I believe almost everyone would agree with me on that, right. 🙂

Sharp dresser. Yupp, that’s the word I was looking for if I’d have to describe both kids who looked so smart and adorable at the same time. And the little one almost got me head over heels! Hehehe! 😉

Btw, this was taken sometimes back in April on one lovely morning. Though it was just a short session, but we did have a great one. What can I say, you guys totally “rawked” …hehehe! Thanks so much my dear Mona… 🙂


One thought on “Sharp Dressers!

  1. wahh sharp dresser ke hehe. Sume tu last minute je kc, susah tol nak carik utk 2 beradik ni yg sedundun :). Anyway tqvm once again bebeh. Kami sgt anjoy n happy gilerrr that day n sgt2 suka ngan hasilnya 🙂 muahss

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