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lucky mom

So how’s your Mother’s Day? As for me, I was working on that day. But I did get a beautiful handmade card from Alia. We did have a nice dinner afterwards, and we did buy some cake for the day. The only thing missing was picture. I was too tired that day to even snap one. I’m not complaining, as it was a great day nevertheless….;)

Btw, the above pictures were taken by my friend Taufiq sometimes last August, it was a birthday present for myself since I didn’t get to take any pictures last Mother’s day. It was definitely a great and rare moment shared with my two girls. And for this year’s mother’s day scrapbook i just had to use the same pictures again, just to remind me how precious those moments were….and to remind myself  i really had to shed these extra pounds i gained over the year….hehehe! 😉

On the other note…..

Oh ya, ramai yang bertanya tahun ni tiada pakej Hari Ibu ke? Bukannya tidak ada, tapi tidak sempat dilaksanakan memandangkan ada tugasan perkahwinan pada minggu yang sama. Memang rasa ralat juga tak dapat buat pada tahun ini.  As for that, I’ll be giving away 1 FREE Portraiture session for 1 lucky MOM out there. All you have to do is just leave your wonderful comment and thoughts here by15th May and I’ll do the rest. Jangan lupa includekan sekali email ya. Good luck, mommies…!:)


19 thoughts on “One Lucky Mommy

  1. Salam!! Happy mom’s day dear KC. Being mom is so much wonderful experiences, so much excitements, so much fun and so much adventures. And the experiences, excitements and feelings are different in each mom. Thanks to Allah for giving us that kind of Anugerah kan? If not, we never knew how our mom feels when we dissapointed them, how redha they are with things we do especially the bad one. Being mom, teach us to always be patient, syukur and redha and most of all, being mom lead us to be closer to our Creator..isnt it?

    Anyway…kc gain weight ke…mcm x je..:)

  2. happy mothers day to u kc ..u r such a lucky mom sebab ada 2 adorable anak dara

  3. kc, comment tu hanya boleh di hantar on the 15th may nnt ke boleh comment dr sekang?

  4. The greatest Mommy with 2A’s (Alia & Emelyn) liitle cute sweetheart…Happy Mother’s Day to you KC..!!You’re the best wife, mother & also nice photographer…All mom want the best thing from their children..Memories come from a part of our picture…Not return back our memories!!!Start from we was pragnant we are very exited to be a mom & always want to know what their doing in our stomoch!!See!!what the beutiful feeling to be a mom..And KC, you did it!!Sometime so funny, happy and sad..For 2A’s…owh..your mommy very happy to be with you forever & ever…about your weight, just keep it nice if you are still healthy, beutifull and happy!!

  5. walau sekuat mana ngauman si mak… walau sungguh berbisa sengatan jari jemari si mak. tapi bila malam menjelma… suara dan jari jemari itulah yang si anak dambakan untuk mendodoi dorang untuk lena sehingga dapat bermimpi yang indah2…

    p/s saya ni dalam sehari tak jadi ‘singa jadian’ memang tak sah. hahaha.

  6. KC…Happy Mom’s Day 2 u 2!i looooike those picca!so beautipul!! i rememba…lame da x amek gmbo with my lil iman..ishk3..

  7. Happy Mother’s day to u too dear!

    Mother’s Day is the day we pay tribute to these very special woman who had brought us into this world and have been instrumental for our success…and As for me, i really admire and am humbled by moms grace and poise, her generosity and kindness, and her wisdom and intuition throughout the years..;p
    i wish i could be like my moms too..and i hope we will recognise the importance of our origins and the roles that commitment and royalty play in our lives..
    ps : ure such a lucky mummy too kc coz u have 2 adorable lil angel..i wish mine olso will be like urs;p

  8. KC, happy belated mother’s day. WTH, we mothers should celebrate it everyday coz its an everyday job. when i first celebrate mother’s day, it was joyous moment, and also the saddest. being the only child, i tend to regard my mom as my bestest friend. she’s a mom, also friend who i confide anything, as well as the person i picked a fight with. yes, sometimes people see me as anak kurang ajar as sometimes i raised my voice whenever i speak to her. i know its bad, no, REALLY BAD! but alhamdulillah, with lotsa doa from her, and after being a mom myself, i appreciate her even more. maybe i didn’t really express my love to her in words and gestures so much (call it ego!) but i tried my very hard not to offend her in any way. whatever she says, asks i’ll do it immediately. no questions ask. and now when my daughter is growing into young lady (erk..she’s 3 baru), i pray day and night she will never be like me. Happy mothers day to all mothers in the world!

  9. Happy Mother’s Day to my dear KC!!!

    Never regard myself as a good mother as my mom..
    Never thought that i’ll be a mom to be proud of, by my kids…
    Never forgive for all the mistakes that i’ve done in raising my kids..
    but through motherhood that i learn
    a mother is someone who have soft and strong heart..
    a mother is someone who have patience and passion..
    a mother is someone who sacrifice and willing..
    a mother is someone who care and share..
    for about 6 years into motherhood..
    i’m still learning and trying
    up and down, high and low, thick and thin…
    to be someone called MOTHER
    till the end of my life
    and i will never regret!!
    because it’s such a blessing
    to be loved and cared by someone called CHILD!!

    Happy mother’s day to my Mak!! I love you mak!
    And to my D&D, Mommy love both of you and proud to be your mom!!

  10. Happy Mother’s Day to u too KC!! Last week for a whole week, i was alone in KL while my 2As (Alia n Adlina) was left in their grandparents house in Johor (my new maid needs to be trained!). Well, being single for a week (hubby working in JB) after sooo long (never ever separated with 2As before this), i thought that i will be filled with a lot of enjoyment and fun-filled activities which i miss so much to do all this while. Having a bad ‘niat’ in the first place, turned up i have to spend the whole week at home doing nothing since my eye was affected by conju**vitis (dunno how to spell). On Sunday, both my kids went back home and that day was the best Mother’s Day ever for me. I don’t need any cake, present or any celebration cz their smile, laughters, hugs and kisses are the wonderful gifts of all the time. Damn i missed them sooo much!! Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there…

  11. Happy Belated Mother’s Day KC. Seems like your Mother’s Day filled with great time spent with your love ones. Both your adorable ones are so fortunate to have been raised by a superwoman like you. We the mothers, we don’t ask for much even though we selflessly given all to our children. It’s never been an easy task and definitely needs a lot of extra ordinary patience. So let’s keep on hanging there and support each other as we watch our kids growing old like us being loving, understanding and living harmoniously. Hopefully, our unconditional love does not go unnoticed 🙂

  12. alallalala suweetnya mama n 2 dara pingitan nih hehe. Mmg kaki pose tau :). HAppy Mom’s Day kc….hehe. Ingat lagik last year kita bePS ngan my mom + my siblings kat KLCC sempena mom’s day. Sgt happening sbb ramai lak org duk tgk. Da ala2 artis gtu ahaqs. Gambar2 yg kc snap tu skang dah memenuhi ruang umah parent sy, Umah my sister, My house of course + my office + my comp screen :). Betapa kami menyukainya ting tongg…:). Taun ni lak ber ps wif my best frens. Sgt2 suka coz bukan senang nak bekumpul mcm tu. N skali lagi kc gak menjadi saksi + merialisasikannya. Pasni gamba2 tu jugak akan memenuhi segenap ruang :). Tq kc!!!! u mmg superbbb mama + photog as i always mention muahhs.

  13. pok amai-amai,
    belalang kupu-kupu,
    kc mama yang pandai,
    ade dua ratu.

    pok amai-amai,
    belalang kupu-kupu,
    kc mama yang comei,
    pakai clip chomelcraftblogspot baru.*

    pok amai-amai,
    belalang kupu-kupu,
    kc meh la bergambar ramai-ramai,
    sempena hari ibu.

    pok amai-amai,
    belalang kupu-kupu,
    kc jangan nangis,
    saya upah susu…


  14. pertama kali menjadi IBU, diriku sangat GEMBIRA dan TERHARU dengan rahmat
    TUHAN yang memberikan diriku ini gelaran IBU dengan kelahiran puteraku tersayang…

    kali ke dua menjadi IBU, kelahiran ZARA puteriku menambahkan rase GEMBIRAku dan TERHARUku, KeSYUKURAN ku …kepada YANG MAHA PENCIPTA..

    Alangkah GEMBIRANYA .. jika Potretku diabadikan bersama Putera dan Puteriku oleh KC !!

  15. To KC…

    Selamat Hari Ibu…





  16. Happy mothers day to KC and all mommies in this whole wide world..
    being a mother bukannya satu kije yang senang, sgt besar tanggungjawabnya especially bila kite selalu terpk, selalu susah hati, selalu berdoa semoga anak2 kita menjadi anak yg soleh n solehah, bergantung kepada kebijaksanaan kita untuk mencorak anak2 dr ibarat mcm sehelai kain putih nak membentuk jd org yg berguna n berjasa pd parents n pd mak espeselinya.
    Saye selalu berdoa semoga mak sy dipanjangkan umur, n as for me, having a mother yg ada cancer ni, lg tough sbb every yr akan terpk, sempat ke next yr nak sambut mothers day dgn mak lg sbb penyakit tu leh dtg lg bila2 masa je n skali dtg for the 2nd time, there’s no turning back..hehhe..I really appreciate for my mother’s sacrifies..cane dia kuat n tabah lawan sakit dia pd masa tu semata2 nak tgk n saksikan sy grad dr uni spt yg dia selalu sebut2 tu, and now dia bukan je dpt tgk sy grad, tp adik2 sy sume da sempat hbs stadi, alhamdulillah allah still panjangkan umur my beloved mom…
    i wish i could do a ps with u my dear kc dgn my mom n my children..
    ingat lg ps last yr dgn my girl with kc..n gambar tu sentiasa direnung espeseli skang ni sbb slalu ter pk, bila la akan kurus balik mcm dlm gambar yg tergantung kat hall umah tu…hihihi….n my husband pun selalu perli2 i bl tgk gamba yg tergantung kat frame yg kc buat tu…
    lastly, kc, ur girls a pretty cute…

  17. cutenya zaim , orang kata bile kc amik gambar…itulah perasaan seorang mama
    bile orang ramai memuji gambar zaim..

    machonya zaim, orang kata bile kc click-click gmbr zaim, mulalah mamat tu menunjukkan gaya machonya pada kc..

    itu lah perasaan sebagai seorang ibu bile anaknya bertatih2 jadi model….apalagi kc amiklah zaim jadi model lagi supaya hati mamanya sentiasa kembang dengan pujian…happy mother’s day KC

  18. pok amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu,
    kc mama yang pandai,
    ade dua orang ratu.

    pok amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu,
    kc mama yang comei,
    pakai clip chomelcraft* yang satu.

    pok amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu,
    kc jomlah ramai-ramai,
    bergambar, gaya mummy jambooo…

    pok amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu,
    kc jangan nangis-nangis,
    kami upah susu…

    selamat hari ibu …kc

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