It’s PARTY time!

Nurin Anisah

date: 18.4.2009

place: Puchong, Selangor.

And what a better way to celebrate the day with the big adorable BlueHyppo right? What a great day it was, though almost half the kids were kinda “terpegun” with the Hippo’s hugeness….but the thing is, the Hippo was totally adorable and huggable too…..even the birthday girl seems to enjoy his company! (And that is after few minutes of warming up)….As for the birthday cake, it was decorated with Princess theme which suited the birthday princess well as she’s the Princess of the day. I just couldn’t get enough of her cute smile. My dear Nurin, you are such a petite young lady already. Happy birthday from Aunty Kc once again…it was a great day, and we had the best time ever.! 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s PARTY time!

  1. Hi Aunty KC,
    Thank you!!!!! And thank you for the superb photos…cant stop looking at those pics. My mama loves those at the bedroom…eheheh especially yg lompat2 atas katil tu..should ambik lebih lagi part yg tu..and mama said..she forgot to switch on the bubbles..if not must be CUNNNN lagi kan…:)

    Ape pun, we reallly loves the pics…thanks ya.

  2. uiks siap ada bluehyppo ….hebats laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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