Just a quick update!

Pahlawan Melayu Cilik

What a hectic weekend! Last two week, I was covering a wedding job in Seremban when this little hero caught my eyes. He is no stranger as I’ve met him before. Since then I’ve been secretly wishing in my dreams that he’s mine. And that day was no different. He was just so adorable in his baju Melayu. I could spend hours watching him alone. And did I mention, he’s quite cheeky too! Once we settled him down on the “pelamin”, he just couldn’t stop smiling and posing. Even after we’re done, he won’t budge down from the seat. Aww…isn’t that sooooo sweeeet?

Anyway peeps, I’ve just updated an entry for Ameeyrah Sofea’s 5th birthday party, so do click on the right arrow for more pictures ya.

Coming soon:

Adriel Danial’s 3rd birthday party

Nurin Anisah’s 4th birthday party

Mom’s Day PROMO

And I’ll be BACK. Watch this space ya! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just a quick update!

  1. wowwi…..x sabarnye nak tgk gamba Anisah’s 4th birthday party tu….eheheheh 🙂

  2. huhuhu..my cheeky lil baby 🙂 chair is his current obsession, it wasn’t sweet anymore you know …aduihhh!

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