Ameeyrah Sofea is FIVE!



date: 29.03.2009

place: KFC Carrefour Ampang

What a day! Everyone was dressed to the nines for the occasion, birthday girl included. She was such a shy little girl at first, but when it’s time to party and play games; she was all smiles. Such a cute sight to behold!

Truth to be told, I’ve never been to any other parties that had so many kids runnning around. But it was such a fun place to be. They were the life of the party. And I had the best day ever, though they did keep me on my toes! Hehehe!  

Anyway, to our dearest Ameeyrah Sofea happy birthday once again from all of us here, and we do hope you love the present ya….:)


6 thoughts on “Ameeyrah Sofea is FIVE!

  1. KC, she’s 5? she looks like standard 1 or 2. posing mcm dah terror jek!

  2. Haah 5, nape tak percaya ke? hehehe..takdelah, Sofea ni memang dah well adjusted to any lenses dah….mmg pandai bergaya! 🙂

  3. cantiknyaaa sofea!! cantik sangat! rambut pun panjang.. betul2 tak nampak macam budak 5 tahun kan!

  4. agreed qith zubye…rambut dia cantik..elok jek tersusun….excellent poses

  5. cantiknya sofea…….cute sgt!!!! boleh jd model ni….Auntie KC pun ada kelas…..

  6. :).. gambar ku pun ada..

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