Khilfi’s 5th & Khazin’s 1st Birthday Bash


date: March 28th 2009

place: Puchong

It’s a double celebration for both Khilfi & Khazin, and what a great day it was! Both birthday kids were full of excitement when they see all the gifts, especially Khilfi who just couldn’t wait to open all of them, meanwhile Khazin was one shy lil birthday boy who kept hiding behind his mom. So adorably sweet! And the same goes to the birthday cake too! It’s just so cute and yes, it’s delicious too! Once again, happy birthday guys…and stay cute!


2 thoughts on “Khilfi’s 5th & Khazin’s 1st Birthday Bash

  1. Kc..i love everything about the picture…thank u so much for making it happened..

  2. Thanks to u too my dear for believing in me too! :):)

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