Keira Fatiha & Keira Fariha

Double Keiras

Keira Fatiha & Keira Fariha’s Double Celebrations

date: 21.03.2009

place: Air Panas Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

What a day! It’s double celebration for the Keiras. Cukur jambul ceremony for the lil one, while the big sis celebrated her big 3 day. Yeay!

First half of the day we had cukur jambul ceremony with marhaban from the elderly and then they proceeded to the actual cukur jambul and berendoi. Keira Fariha was just so adorable in her princess outfit. And the little angel just couldn’t be any more perfect with her cute handmade hairband by her mom. And what amazed me more is that throughout the entire time she was totally quiet as if she was absorbing everything that’s happening around her. Such a cutie!

After that, it’s time to celebrate Keira’s Fatiha big day. She just turned 3 and already becoming a very protective big sis. And i just love her for that! As for her birthday theme, it was all about princess. From the cake to the birthday gown itself, everything have little princessy details here and there. And the tiara completed the whole look, and did i mention she was the real princess of the day. Happy birthday my dear Keira Fatiha. And stay sweet ok!


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