Dania Fatin’s 11th Birthday Party

Dania Fatin

date: 14.2.2009

place: Eagles Nest Lounge, KRTU Subang

Dania Fatin has just turned 11, and what a great day it was! The birthday girl was beaming with happiness, as almost everyone was there to celebrate her big day in style. I can truly say that every single one of the guests enjoyed the party so much as it was such a great place for the kids and adults alike. With the darts and karaoke session going on, they almost didn’t realize it was the time for the cake cutting. And yes, they even have the Barbie cake this time for the birthday girl.  All i can say Dania Fatin, you just looked so radiant that day. I almost didn’t believe you’re 11 already. Happy Birthday once again from me and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Stay sweet ok! 🙂

Thanks to Kak Yasmin too for inviting me ya…:)


One thought on “Dania Fatin’s 11th Birthday Party

  1. ahha, she got my name & my daughter’s name combine. caya laa!!

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