Head Over Heels Promo!

Head over heels promo

February comes. The month of love. Ahh! I can already smell the roses, the chocolate and everything nice. It is a special month indeed, there will be those who’s celebrating their first year together, or even maybe those who will be celebrating their 5th year of beautiful marriage.

No, I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day in particular, but it just happened to be the month of our 10 years of marriage. And it just feels so right to spread the love bug around! So, all along this February I’m offering Head over Heels package for all the lovebirds; especially for those couple who want to fall head over heels literally once again!

So hurry now, place your bookings as there are only 5 slots available for this package.

Possible dates: 14th & 21st Feb 2009.  (only 3 slots left!)

Possible locations: Putrajaya, KL or it can even be that mamak stall where you had your 1st date 😉

Buzz me now!



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One thought on “Head Over Heels Promo!

  1. KC, kalau i nk ikut session u blh tak? nk blaja teknik dslr la. hehehehe

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